TransG – a very progressive band

Not every couple gets married for love. All undoubtedly seek passion at first but often boys and girls ultimately settle for companionship or a comfortable association simply because they have common goals or interests with their partners and in the modern liberal universe often find true love in varied or differing ways. Without doubt relationships change and get tested over time but few alter quite as much as our divisive perverse tale regarding the originally pedestrian marital ties between Jane, Ted, Katie and Bob. However, what is seen as a passing penchant for cross-dressing in Ted seems harmless enough initially, but this is before the unnatural interest passes to Bob which then deepens or develops and insidiously affects the formerly simple staid life they have known as a closely-knit team in multiple ever-more decadent ways. At first the gathering impulse regarding femininity for the boys provides an illicit sexual thrill between them all but then slowly this growing fetish surely spills over further into their daily existence. This is even into their combined love of singing together before utterly improbably an unexpected offer comes in to form an all-Girl band – with the associated unmentionable secret regarding the men – which creates consequences no one but their duplicitous predatory new manager Frank can foresee. A sensual sexual extravaganza soon ensues as the marriage seems to merge into one surreal mixed-up gender foursome while their swift slide into all types of perverse deviance, exploration and depravity increases as this previously unknown pop group gets named then rides the unanticipated meteoric unstoppable rocket of fame and fortune way beyond their wildest expectations or dreams. Best-selling innovative Daisy Boon spins the fabulous story of a truly modern Girl band that catches the wildest liberal LGBT wave of all waves that rises endlessly to dangerous debased erotic heights and captures or captivates everything in its libidinous path…only to inevitably fall to leave the hapless lives it takes within the irresistible force shattered but also perhaps enlightened and surely changed forever. Only the truly brave souls that dare to read the crude rude graphic detail of this evocative depraved transgender journey can truly judge whether ultimately, for the merry band involved – after the lights go down and the music dies – was the exotic adventure for the better or worse?

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