It’s Complicated – Daisy Boon

Transgender erotica

A famous comedian once said when playing a song completely out of tune, that he was hitting all the right notes, but perhaps… in the wrong order! Maybe life is like that sometimes and souls are in the correct time and place but maybe not quite where they were intended or needed to be. So it is for Ann, Tom and Caroline all mixed up and involved without anything quite working out for any of them. That is until a magical wedding present from Uncle Artie in Australia for the betrothed Ann and Tom; an aboriginal wishing stick that swiftly, unexpectedly begins to turn everything lopsided, topsy-turvy and very much upside down.
Bestselling Daisy Boon takes us on another depraved, sexually explicit, mixed gender adventure where girls become boys or boys change to girls and so on, until in this tale no one is quite sure who they are anymore in the intricacy and complexity of the hormonally charged, developing situation! However, sometimes for everything to eventually just fall neatly into place, all you undoubtedly need is a little sprinkle of luck combined with some libidinous, salacious play or experimentation, and sexual, inspired if not spiritual adjustment.
The X chromosome stories; we are more alike than we think. The difference between male and female is a single X chromosome the subtle link between domination and submission or humiliation and satisfaction.


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