MANEATER by Daisy Boon

An in depth transgender story in the unique bestselling style of Daisy Boon about little known Far Eastern culture, recipe sexuality, diagnosis femininity, Sissydom and of course dirty, mixed gender and depravity…

When does an inclination become something else? What is the spark that changes an urge into a compulsion or an obsession that ignites an inextinguishable female fire inside to burn with increasing ferocity? All it takes for Angel as he comes to be known, is a meeting with the devilish, enigmatic, Eve Turner, an old school colleague but now unexpectedly his new, mercurial, reputedly Man-Eating, Boss! She knows him, sees the Sissy, transsexual person and woman inside and instinctively seems to comprehend that he would be perfect for her now unique female only workplace of oriental, peace, tranquillity, co-operation and of course femininity. She is set to help him realise his potential and it seems that all it takes to change him is a few well placed, tantalising ideas and a little, teasing, heavenly discipline. Angel slides towards his humiliation and sexual destiny inexorably and memorably in exquisite, entertaining, delicious and specific detail; his new lifestyle quickly affects the relationships around him that have to change to survive. He only truly, fully realises at the end of his physical and emotional journey of transformation what he has so unforgettably, sadistically, cruelly lost… or perhaps found?


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