A Peculiar Pygmalion – Daisy Boon

When does a tendency or a sexual inclination become something more?

When does it stop being a fantasy or daydream and turn into a real part of you; a part that will twist and turn your life upside down and inside out? For most people it never happens, such private perversities just remain a closed, hidden, secret part of our secret selves where we all like to wallow and play occasionally and slyly. And in private.
However, for young Dan his private, dark-self slips over into reality after an apparently innocent conversation with a pretty but unusually intuitive stranger. Something very simple is all it takes for him to begin a change and transformation finalthat will rob him of his pride, self-respect, masculinity and then terribly and diabolically even more than that! But sometimes in life it is only when we truly lose everything, can we sometimes gain the most!

Daisy Boon turns the famous fable and tale of physical alteration, metamorphosis and sexual and emotional fulfilment on its head in the story of a very pernicious transformation!



I always tried to look inconspicuous; I mean a young man in the lingerie department of the best store in town was normal, wasn’t it?

Of course it was but only I knew that the hidden truth was a little more perverse and darker than that!

I tended to visit this attraction a few times a week as if it was a free amusement park, to immerse myself in the finest lace and silk of the best ladies panties around.

Occasionally an attractive salesgirl would ask if I wanted some help choosing something special for my girlfriend or wife, but I would shrug them off ever so politely and inform them that, I was simply just browsing!

Secretly I just loved to be around ladies lingerie and underwear; I always had, from just a little child, surreptitiously watching my sister’s and mother’s delicate smalls in the wash or hanging on the line or pipes to dry.

I would sullenly and secretly imagine what it was like to have such divine, soft materials around my crotch, to feel the knickers teasing my senses and skin and such emotions always made me feel aroused; in fact just simply looking at such finery had the ability to cause my sensitive stomach to feel a little queasy!

It was a constant source of equal frustration and pleasure and it was more than a passing interest; in all truth it was almost bordering on an obsession and had been for longer than I could honestly remember!

This fetish; for that was specifically what it was, seemed to be the only constant in my life now since my wife, Carly, had gone off with my best friend; it had been a recent, incredibly debasing and traumatic experience for me!

All I did now was drift to work in the local accountancy office and come to the mall to lose myself in my distractions, dreams of lace and lingerie and my innocent fantasies!

I thought uncomfortably about my wife, Carly; undoubtedly she was such a horrible person and a real, nasty Bitch of a girl!

The time she had given me in our year of marriage was unforgettably, terribly painful.

To make matters even worse, as if that was possible given my circumstance of still being legally bound to her as I had not the funds to organise the divorce; she was now undoubtedly fucking my former, best friend in our flat!

Unfortunately I was still living there as well and it was truly awful trying to sleep with them fornicating and screwing continually; they really were disgusting and it was all so insufferably humiliating for me at the same time as well!

An option was that I could have gone back to my mother’s house but that would be giving up and I had a life, didn’t I?

I just needed to find what it was!

My avaricious eyes temporarily took my mind off the difficult problems that were always careering and pouring though my brain like running rivers, and I looked up in fascination at just the hips and thighs of the lifeless, plastic dummy with a pair of the most spectacular and fantastic, black panties around it!

I tried my level best not to stare, but the knickers were utterly sublime; soft cotton in the crotch, then lace and delicate crochet around the edges held together by thin, black cord!

They fitted the moulded, pale model, snugly and perfectly as my penis twitched at just the divisive thought of how they would feel around me!

“They look lovely…!”

A female voice had sounded behind me and I jumped in reactive shock and turned around to see a smart, young woman with short, boyish, cropped, dark hair and a crisp, elegant and obviously expensive, navy, tailored lady’s suit.

She had the most piercing, dynamic, ice blue eyes I had ever seen and they seemed to gaze unsettlingly and invasively, deeply inside my soul as she went unsettlingly on.

“…The panties, such delicious, quality and style…they feel so comfortable as well…I have a pair…are you buying for your wife…girlfriend?”

I lied of course and stuttered in reply.

“My, wwwife!”

She smiled as if she knew immediately I was being less than transparently honest.

“Of course…wonderful choice if I may be so presumptive to say…they feel so soft around…well you know…”

She giggled expressively, amiably and for me personally, very intrusively and uncomfortably!

“…Your wife is extremely lucky… you have such good taste!”

I was immediately and utterly flummoxed; no one had ever spoken to me before when I was lost, exploring and losing my normal, lame reality, into my private, perverse fantasy time and I was completely unnerved.

“Tttthank you, Miss!”

She placed her hand across mine in almost a mere introductory, touching motion and it was firm but relaxed at the same time, and she gently offered and whispered her name as if I even wished to know what it was!


I blinked and replied so pathetically and weakly.


She looked me up and down, smiled then made a casual throwaway remark and aside, but it still had the effect of making me tremble and shudder.

“You have slim hips, Dan!”

I blushed brightly in embarrassment and looked at the main entrance for my quickest means of escape from this invasion of my personal space and clandestine world.

“Thank you, Miss…I have to go!”

The young woman smiled as if she knew something I did not then went to the counter and murmured something to the tall salesgirl with resplendent, blonde hair; she handed over some money and left the department without another word or glance at me.

My whole being was literally shivering and shaking; indisputably I had been utterly unbalanced by her and what she seemed to glean and understand about me!


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