Twisted Honeymoon – Tiggy Mills – Interracial cuckold

A highly charged interracial cuckold story. Tantalus-Press is proud to present the debut novel of a new author, Tiggy Mills.

Twisted Honeymoon. A dark and twisted story where a wife’s needs come in many forms.

Harry’s needs are simple and uncomplicated: he deeply loves his new bride and is devoted to her every happiness. What he doesn’t yet grasp is that for Juliet, her satisfactions are unusual and become darker and more dangerous as life provides new experiences. Juliet is used to being in control, getting exactly what she wants, when she wants and with who she wants.

But events take a turn, Juliet suddenly is not in control anymore, both she and Harry have to come to terms with the changes in their relationship and their unexpected feelings. Their real honeymoon is only just beginning but by the end… life for them both will never be the same again.

Told from both sides, from Harry and Juliet, this story shows that, as in every marriage, sometimes things are never quite as they appear.

Over 18 only. Features explicit sexual content. Cuckold Interracial. Word Count:  41,460



Boy was I a lucky guy! I had to pinch myself to ensure that I wasn’t dreaming. The beautiful girl sitting next to me was my wife and it just seemed to good to be true. We were flying first class-of course- to Jamaica, to stay for two weeks in the presidential suite at the famous Paradise Hotel; it was an idyllic place for our honeymoon. I gazed lovingly at my bride Juliet; she was staring blankly out of the small window at the stars twinkling brightly in the clear stratosphere. She was beautiful, elegant; slim, small breasted but curvaceous, her hazel eyes complimented her long brown hair and her open, friendly, pretty face always seemed to have a permanent smile. Her nose was small and her lips full and inviting; she was my dream girl; in fact as I looked at her sitting so demurely and innocently I realised that she was probably every-ones’ dream girl!

Juliet, as normal, was dressed impeccably, her soft hair was tied up exposing her defined neck and her short beige dress rode up her long legs exposing the very tip of her stocking and suspenders. She was not wearing a bra – indeed she never did – and when she moved I noticed every ones’ eyes follow my young 22 year old bride.

Juliet’s fault –her only fault as I could see- was that she was a tease; she had always been a tease even from the days we played together as kids. I was the rich kid and she the scruffy tomboy who came to play in my back yard, or in my case, on an acre of ground within our estate. I was a year older than she was but even then, as a ten year old I remember her bossing me about and calling me some name or other. I never really minded though and as we grew up we always seemed to spend time together to chat and generally mess about.

Our relationship was always platonic, that was until I was eighteen, I remember the day as if it was yesterday. Juliet came running around to my house bursting with something to tell me, it was late, 11 O’clock and I was in my pyjamas but Mum never objected to her visits at any hour, she was part of the family. I heard Mum let her in and the sounds on the stairs as her delicate feet jumped them two at a time, she burst into my room closed the door and red faced and breathless she threw herself onto my bed.

I can still see what she was wearing, it was summer and her white linen dress rose high on her thigh as she sat next to me exposing her agile and slender leg. Her long brown hair fell provocatively off her shoulder and for the first time I noticed that she was definitely not a tomboy any more. It was not that I was slow but we were primarily friends and up till that night I had just never looked at her in the light of the beautiful young woman that she had become in front of my eyes.

She looked at me intensely, “You know that boy I’ve been dating?” she said excitedly, “Well I pushed him to far tonight.”



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