Playthings of the BOSS – A Twisted Lust Story – Tiggy Mills


Sensual, tadalafil compelling and utterly twisted– from the pen of Tiggy Mills one of the leading lights of the ‘new erotica.’

Taylor Brown is the BOSS – at 38 he is rich, successful, powerful and compulsively selfish. His particular pleasure is his endless plundering of the girls who work within his vast corporation. For him they mere playthings to indulge his perverted passions. Jenny is young, pretty and dark-haired, and the fiancée of Rick, one of his junior staff. His desire to use her for his self-centred ends set in motion a game…

For her it was the beginning of a journey of discovery and complete sexual submission; for him it was the obsession of gaining control…over Jenny AND the complicity of her fiancée. A game he knew he could easily win. And he did.

But had he? Somewhere somehow something had happened and suddenly he has to face up to something unexpected and impossible. Was it he playing the game or was it Jenny? And in the end he has only a split second to make a decision that would change his life completely.

If you have ever wondered where the line between deviant sex and love begins and ends then this is the story to read. The insight into a relationship and how it weaves and develops and interacts is surprising and inspired.

Wealth, power, sordid lusts and revealing self-discovery. A grabber from start to finish!

Word Count: 13,403



I’ve always liked power; especially the power money can bring!

It enables you to play, see what you can achieve or change or take just because you want to.

Running a multinational business in computers gives me enormous scope to pursue my games and I have many people and employees to play with and shape to my twisted desires.

My name is Taylor Brown the MD of Compute, am 38 unmarried and somewhat of a scoundrel!

My weakness is women, lots of women and there is no shortage of the female sex within my organisation. I am discrete of course, well I need to be as often the husband is involved in some shape or form, but I can always move them abroad or around as I wish. As I said, power and money are in intoxicating mix!

In recent weeks I had become a little bored and then I spotted her at one of our company days. She was small and pretty with dark, long straight hair, rich dark eyes and a slight figure. She wore a black trouser suit but it still showed the shape of her ass and her slim waist. Her name was Jenny and it turned out she was engaged to one of our lower graded employees Rick who had recently joined us. I met them fleetingly in the course of the evening, her hands were soft and dry when I shook them, where her fiancée’s grasp was weak and clammy.

I watched them, watched how she smiled and how Rick fawned on her. I admired her ass but hated women in trousers, she made me hard at the thought of having her and by the end of the night I had decided that Jenny and Rick were in play for me!

I looked at Rick’s file the following day; he was 23, living in a rented flat.

His CV was unspectacular and when I looked at his pale face and short brown hair I wondered how he managed to get a girl like Jenny!

A little further investigation told me that Jenny was 19, they came from the same hometown and she was studying childcare at a nearby college. I could find no past history on either of them as far as any affairs or indiscretions were concerned.

At the start of the week on a Monday I called Rick to my office and watched as he sat down nervously. He was wearing an ill –fitting, grey suit and plastic shoes, he looked helpless as I spoke to him.

“Relax Rick…how was the get together the other night?”

He mumbled nervously.

“Fine sir…have I done something wrong?”

“No just that we always look to fast track some of the new starters and your name came up.”

“Really sir?”

“Sure thing Rick but its early days yet.”

“You need to be evaluated…of course but I am giving you some executive privileges and we can see where we go.”

“That’s great sir…I won’t let you down.”

“Good then deal with my secretary and book a day this week for dinner…with your wife of course.”

“I’m not married sir, engaged sir…may I bring Jenny?”

“Who is she?”

“I brought her to the company day sir…she works locally in childcare”

“Of course Rick…I take a personal interest in all my staff.”

“Thank you sir…that’s great.”

I smiled as he left. I was to meet Jenny and he was excited at the prospect!

I was never sure if the thrill was manipulating the husband or fucking the wife!

All I knew was that I was excited at the reality of meeting her and beginning the game.


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