Undercover Boss

Often vast, inherited wealth can become a seductive or divisive burden thus making the person that is surrounded by such influence or affluence sadly separated from the ordinary, everyday universe in which we all have to make a living and exist.

So it is for still attractive, mature but frustrated and forever naive Rachel who has been tragically widowed twice – the second husband being even richer than the first – before finally realising she now wants to make a lasting mark on the world.

Already the need or greed for mere lucre has made her sacrifice then miss out on a full sensual, sexual or maternal life – as the aged partners chosen were less than great lookers or virile lovers – and rather than continue with a rich, cosseted but empty life she now wishes to actually try and run the businesses that have been left her but are still managed by company professionals.

Rachel therefore concocts a wild, dangerous plan to go out undercover into her hotel or motel empire to glean what she can under the shadowy guise of an ordinary worker and, although this madcap scheme has been done by others in various ways and involving differing companies, her relative lack of life experience most especially with the men she encounters along the way, proves to be more than slightly troubling or problematical.

At each stage of this enlightening increasingly mucky adventure, with giddy Rachel forever delving into convoluted matters she should steer clear of – on the excuse or basis of an investigative eye – more often than not a hornet’s nest of subterfuge, sexual debauchery and base deviance is stirred up with her always at the very wilful, impish centre of everything.

One debased disaster or sordid, sensory experience follows another in the endless quest for discovery until gradually, painfully and humiliatingly, Rachel begins to learn more about what she has missed or neglected in her personal existence rather than whatever her pretty head thought could be found as insufficient in this vast organisation she has no real clue how to organise or control.

Best selling Emilia Blythe provides another evocative, mouth-watering sexual tale of a repressed, unsatisfied woman who goes looking for some validation in her life before it is all much too late.

Does she find what she is looking for? Well with Emilia’s warped, depraved mind along with her graphic pen maybe Rachel does but of course, never in the way she or anyone else could envisage and expect!

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