Where No Man Has Gone Before

It is said that space is the ultimate final frontier. A vast area of endless exploration where a starship’s captain can live a life of wild adventure and wonder amongst the flaming glittering stars, alien worlds and incredible often dangerous species he may encounter.

However, some boundaries or fantasies are far more subtle and exist merely in our active minds, as the ever bumptious, arrogant, eternally handsome Captain John Koch discovers when his ship is all but destroyed before he faces certain death and when his only means of survival is to take on the sensual shape and comely female form of a young pretty crewmember, Vena, on the interplanetary ship The Enigma.

The dependable presence of Lieutenant Lala Buck – from the mysterious planet Sera – now takes command of an all-female crew, as the men have been butchered by the evil male-looking creatures of the Antioch race, and she sorely hopes to teach her former commander about some of the errors of his impulsive misogynistic ways whilst also taking the heavy responsibility for guiding her crew safely back to Space-Base, although the odds against them escaping from this calamity are immense.

A depraved and sexual cosmic adventure of truly galactic proportions then ensues where the erotic appetites and cravings of the former captain – in his new delectable feminine shape – are described and detailed in perverse prose by renown Daisy Boon who spins and creates a universe of filthy female erotic discovery as only she can.
Will Captain Koch be overwhelmed by the pull of his irresistible new skin and all the exotic delights it can bring or somehow can he prove that a true leader manages to find a way to win in any gender, and quickly learn to use the new delectable womanly charms or talents that emerge to his advantage thereby once again saving the day for all, in his own inimitable, irritating, flamboyant style?

The most fantastical humorous tale of duplicity, dominance, submission then deviant physicality and sexuality which demonstrates that many frontiers to be breached or overcome are simply the ones we have in our often-blinkered heads.
This sullied story is undoubtedly a decadent ride across the firmament and although you think that you may recognize the familiar faces or characteristics of some of our precious promiscuous crew this is a truly unique ship on the seediest trip to the stars in a perverse sensual tale of lust and life but…not as we know it!

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